I have always been an artistic and creative person. I remember being a little kid trying to figure out what I was good at that allowed me to express myself. I tried singing, drawing, painting, acting and even creative writing including lyric writing and poetry only to discover I was not going to make a career out of any of them. I ended up in the food industry for eight years creating edible art, but something was missing. The corporate restrictions (along with being somewhat of a feminist in the male dominated industry) eventually drove me to close that chapter of my life and embark into the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur.

I started with family photography, weddings, babies, and beauty portraits until a contact of mine asked me for some couple Boudoir photos. Having not done this type of photography before, I was hesitant but excited about it at the same time. The day of the session I was setting up in my make-shift garage studio when in walked these two energetic lovebirds. Not even two minutes into my introduction they stripped down naked and said “Tell us what to do.” Needless to say my face went instantly red and my comfort zone went right out the window. That experience made me look at intimacy differently, confidence differently and I fell in love with the art of self expression.

I started reaching out to friends to volunteer their vulnerabilities so I could learn and grow in the Boudoir world. Fast forward almost three years and Just for Her Boudoir is coming up on its two-year anniversary. This past year with Covid-19 I thought my business would take a major hit but in fact it has been the best year to date. Huge thanks to all my clients who kept me afloat during this difficult year and for all the patience and understanding.

May 2021 be another great year for Just for Her Boudoir and I hope to meet many more of you. Are nerves holding you back? As someone with Empathic qualities, energy is everything to me. I try my hardest to ensure a sense of comfort and safety during all my sessions. Feeling nervous or anxious is completely normal and there is no magic potion that will calm those fears until you jump in and instantly realize all the worry was for nothing. If you are looking for self-growth, empowerment, a confidence boost, a heartwarming gift option or simply a new experience Just for Her Boudoir offers all that and more. Happy New Year!