At Just for Her Boudoir, what you see is what you get.

At Just for Her Boudoir, what you see is what you get.

I don’t know about you but when I purchase a service I don’t want to have to pick and choose after the fact. I’m an “all in” kind of girl. I want my cake and YES!! I will be eating it too. Why else would I buy a cake in the first place? A lot of photographers’ charge for the initial session then images are extra. Every package at Just for Her comes with a minimum number of edited images. Additional images may be added on to any package at an additional cost. No surprises! We offer a variety of package options and prices to accommodate everyone and every budget. From first timers to regulars, we have the perfect package for you. Looking to book for a special occasion? Custom packages are available to ensure we cover all the bases. We also accept payment options for those on a limited budget. Remember, the perfect Boudoir session is for everyone! No limitations or restrictions. Contact us today to discuss the endless possibilities.

Q & A


I have had a few followers on Social Media reach out to me with some questions so I thought I would share them with you all.

Q. “How did I get into Boudoir?” A. Boudoir started out with a couple requests for maternity sessions and nude sessions. Both were completely out of my comfort zone regarding preparation and honestly, composition. But after I began building a more traditional Boudoir portfolio, I found my style and dove right in. Most people may not know this but I initially started out (and still do) creating family friendly portraiture and fantasy/fashion/beauty work. That began in 2014 and you can still follow my pages today! @coastal_creations_photography on IG or Coastal Creations Photography on Facebook.

Q. “Why do you not photograph plus size women?” A. I most definitely do photograph plus size women and I myself am a plus size woman. Unfortunately, I do not get very many requests. No matter what size I have been over the years I have always loved myself and how I look. As women, we are always so critical of our appearance and I feel maybe this causes some hesitation. I fully understand the difficulty in feeling “exposed” and possibly “insecure” but there is nothing more liberating than owning and accepting yourself as you are. All of you, every little bit of you. And seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes is an absolute treat! Trust me.

Q. “Do you publicly share all images you take?” A. No way Jose! I have a release form and any/all images that my clients do not want shared will never see the light of day. Sometimes this breaks my heart a wee bit if I LOVE a session because I would absolutely LOVE to show you off!

Q. “Just for Her… So, no men?” Contrary to the name, I do take Dudeoir photos! This is by request only and generally I have a chaperon near by for safety reasons. But ladies (or gents) … If you want to make this happen and book your man a session for your own gain, I am 100% for it!

Q. “Did you go to school for Photography?” A. I am completely self taught. I took a brief night course at a local collage but unfortunately dropped out due to my non-mathematical mind. I am a creative and a classroom just wasn’t the right fit for me. I taught myself how to use Photoshop through hours (SO MANY HOURS) of You-tube videos and trail/error. In my opinion Photography is so personal and generally whichever photographer you choose to work with has more to do with their style of work than the credentials behind them.

If you have been wanting to book a session but something is holding you back, I am always available to chat! Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss session options or simply to voice your concerns. Thank you!

Boudoir is whatever you want it to be.

Boudoir is whatever you want it to be.

A lot of girls ask me if it has to be “sexy” or “sexualized” and the simple answer is absolutely not. I have had the pleasure of working with models, dancers, teachers, mothers, students and women from all different types of work and backgrounds. And every session turns out completely different. Some women come in to the studio and know exactly what they want. Some women come in and request direction and opinions. Boudoir truly is a personal experience. My style of Boudoir is creating images that you can be proud of. Images that make you say “Wow… I didn’t realize I looked that great!”.

It has been a privilege to show dozens of women how beautiful they are through someone else’s eyes. I believe Boudoir should represent everything that is you! What exactly does that look like?

Book a session with us and let’s find out together.

We’ve Moved!

Coastal Creations has moved out to Langford BC but will still be offering services throughout Greater Victoria. Our new location is steps away from Thetis Lake Park giving us the opportunity to divulge into Nature. Do Winter blues have you down? As we are half way through January we are getting longer days, opening up more opportunity to take advantage of Golden Hour during the week. Pamper yourself with winter rates for all portrait sessions that are booked before March.2019. Follow our social media to see up and coming events as well as Boudoir session gift certificates available now until Feb.14th. THANKS FOR THE LOVE! A