Boudoir Experience – From a Victoria BC Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir is not just a one-time experience.

Boudoir is something that can be embraced for so many reasons, countless occasions, each time becoming more aware of your body, your movement, your comfort. Some of the best gifts I have received is comparing images from my first session with a new client to the 3rd or 4th. The confidence is obvious. The growth and positivity that reflects through is without a doubt. Some of my clients have used our sessions for motivational reasons, tackling physical goals and seeing the progress in each new session photos.

Some women have used the sessions to finally find themselves, see themselves for everything that they are. Every little imperfection we pick apart and at times, obsess over, we start to accept. During my own most recent Boudoir session, I looked at the photos and said “Wow, my legs look so toned.” This came to a huge surprise to me as I convinced myself that I didn’t like my legs at all.

I always look at the Boudoir experience as peeling away a layer… and no I do not mean clothing, I mean peeling away some barrier or wall we have unknowingly built up around us that we hide behind. Break free, peel that layer, own your body, own your truth, accept your flaws, and know wholeheartedly you are 100% worth it.

Just For Her Boudoir – Victoria BC

Normalize Boudoir – from a Victoria BC Boudoir Photographer

It’s time to normalize Boudoir. There is no room for stigmas here.

I feel the reasons why you should do a Boudoir session, are honestly endless. The reasons why you shouldn’t, now that’s a bit more personal. I think some reasons why someone would decide to opt out on a Boudoir session could be, you just aren’t feeling confident, physically. Perhaps cultural and or religious reasons. But I think the biggest reason is simply fear of judgement.

Let’s break a couple of those points down a little bit. Confidence = Boudoir. Lack of confidence, now that also = Boudoir. No matter which way you are feeling, physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally, I can guarantee you – you will feel better about yourself after a Boudoir session. As for judgement… I think it’s important to understand how many women do Boudoir sessions. This is no longer a “Once in a lifetime” thing. I have clients I see yearly to every couple of months. Although some women might not speak openly about Boudoir, thousands are jumping on the self-love train. The more women who can confidently (and proudly) stand together and support each other, the sooner stigmas disappear. This is a safe space, this is a normal thing, this is empowerment at its finest.

Surround yourself with people who love and support you, and those who allow you to be YOURSELF.

Own your sensuality and sexuality and never feel the need to explain yourself to anyone. Love yourself, and if you currently don’t, take the steps to start.

Never let anyone think any less of you or make assumptions based off you doing things that make you FEEL GOOD.

Women have been judged for countless reasons and honestly, if we want to embrace our bodies and stand proudly in front of a camera half naked, you bet we will do just that.

Just For Her Boudoir

How Just For Her Boudoir came to be

I have always been an artistic and creative person. I remember being a little kid trying to figure out what I was good at that allowed me to express myself. I tried singing, drawing, painting, acting and even creative writing including lyric writing and poetry only to discover I was not going to make a career out of any of them. I ended up in the food industry for eight years creating edible art, but something was missing. The corporate restrictions (along with being somewhat of a feminist in the male dominated industry) eventually drove me to close that chapter of my life and embark into the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur. I started with family photography, weddings, babies, and beauty portraits until a contact of mine asked me for some couple Boudoir photos. Having not done this type of photography before, I was hesitant but excited about it at the same time. The day of the session I was setting up in my make-shift garage studio when in walked these two energetic lovebirds. Not even two minutes into my introduction they stripped down naked and said “Tell us what to do.” Needless to say my face went instantly red and my comfort zone went right out the window. That experience made me look at intimacy differently, confidence differently and I fell in love with the art of self expression. I started reaching out to friends to volunteer their vulnerabilities so I could learn and grow in the Boudoir world. Fast forward almost three years and Just for Her Boudoir is coming up on its two-year anniversary. This past year with Covid-19 I thought my business would take a major hit but in fact it has been the best year to date. Huge thanks to all my clients who kept me afloat during this difficult year and for all the patience and understanding. May 2021 be another great year for Just for Her Boudoir and I hope to meet many more of you. Are nerves holding you back? As someone with Empathic qualities, energy is everything to me. I try my hardest to ensure a sense of comfort and safety during all my sessions. Feeling nervous or anxious is completely normal and there is no magic potion that will calm those fears until you jump in and instantly realize all the worry was for nothing. If you are looking for self-growth, empowerment, a confidence boost, a heartwarming gift option or simply a new experience Just for Her Boudoir offers all that and more. Happy New Year!

Is Boudoir for you?

Boudoir is for everyone. I have touched on this subject many times before and I still cannot stress enough how inclusive Boudoir truly is. It literally is for everyone. All ages, ethnicities, body shapes and it varies from person to person depending on what you want to see as the result. It can be sexy, sexual, playful, cute, seductive, adventurous, mysterious, artistic, creative, empowering…or all of the above. When it comes to your impression of Boudoir I think it is important to keep an open mind and ask questions. I am always available to chat with anyone who is curious about the overall experience and what it might look like for you.

Is Boudoir Sexual?

is Boudoir sexual?

This is a topic I could spend hours discussing. For some of my clients they come in saying they want to feel sexy again. Great! Sexy and sex go hand in hand, right? Wrong. I mean if you feel sexy and are so inclined, the two can absolutely go hand in hand. But feeling sexy is just one piece of the self love puzzle. Boudoir is a release that comes from within. Imagine a flower in bloom, blossoming until it’s completely released and expressing every ounce of its beauty… It’s sort of like that. It takes patience, acceptance, courage, vulnerability and most importantly trust. It is not easy to feel exposed in front of a stranger trying to express yourself wondering the entire time “Do I look okay on camera?” That is where I play a very important role in the overall experience. It’s so much more than snapping shots.

Fall “Feel Confident” Event

The Body Positive – Self Love Event was so popular I have now released another event!

$375 for a 50 minute session, includes 8 digitally edited images and a welcome glass of bubbly to settle the nerves. Unsure of how to pose? No worries! I will offer as much direction and coaching as you desire.

A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot for this event.
Each session is one on one, distanced and the venue will be cleaned and sanitized before each arrival. This is an exclusive, one weekend only event that you won’t want to miss! Unfortunately due to Covid-19 concerns I will not be able to supply props and/or outfit options for use. Contact me today for booking information. Book early to secure your spot!

Join Just for Her Boudoir for – Body Positive – The “Self Love” Event
Aug 7th, 3:00 PM – Aug 8th, 7:00 PM (while spots are available, reservation required)
Join me for an empowering session that is guaranteed to up your confidence. Each session is one on one, distanced and the venue will be cleaned and sanitized before each arrival.
This is an exclusive, one weekend only event that you won’t want to miss! LIMITED SESSIONS AVAILABLE.

$350 for a 45 minute session, includes 8 digitally edited images, a welcome glass of bubbly AND each event guest will have the chance to win one “Self Love Care Pack” valued at over $200. A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot for this event.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 concerns I will not be able to supply props and/or outfit options for use.
If you have any questions or for booking inquires please contact me via Facebook or e-mail at

Just for Her Boudoir – COVID-19 Update

As summer is well under way and British Columbia is beginning its phase three re-opening plan I am happy to announce Just for Her Boudoir is now fully back in operation. Throughout the summer I will be offering outdoor services at a safe distance as well as limited one on one, indoor sessions on (specific dates only).

All upcoming special events will look slightly different. Hair and makeup services must be booked separately, not on location and at your own discretion. The use of outfits and/or props provided by Just for Her will no longer be available to avoid multi-person handling as recommended by local health officials.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients for the love and continued support during this challenging time and also for your patience. I am looking forward to creating beautiful images with you all as we tackle this pandemic together.

At Just for Her Boudoir, what you see is what you get.

At Just for Her Boudoir, what you see is what you get.

I don’t know about you but when I purchase a service I don’t want to have to pick and choose after the fact. I’m an “all in” kind of girl. I want my cake and YES!! I will be eating it too. Why else would I buy a cake in the first place? A lot of photographers’ charge for the initial session then images are extra. Every package at Just for Her comes with a minimum number of edited images. Additional images may be added on to any package at an additional cost. No surprises! We offer a variety of package options and prices to accommodate everyone and every budget. From first timers to regulars, we have the perfect package for you. Looking to book for a special occasion? Custom packages are available to ensure we cover all the bases. We also accept payment options for those on a limited budget. Remember, the perfect Boudoir session is for everyone! No limitations or restrictions. Contact us today to discuss the endless possibilities.

Q & A


I have had a few followers on Social Media reach out to me with some questions so I thought I would share them with you all.

Q. “How did I get into Boudoir?” A. Boudoir started out with a couple requests for maternity sessions and nude sessions. Both were completely out of my comfort zone regarding preparation and honestly, composition. But after I began building a more traditional Boudoir portfolio, I found my style and dove right in. Most people may not know this but I initially started out (and still do) creating family friendly portraiture and fantasy/fashion/beauty work. That began in 2014 and you can still follow my pages today! @coastal_creations_photography on IG or Coastal Creations Photography on Facebook.

Q. “Why do you not photograph plus size women?” A. I most definitely do photograph plus size women and I myself am a plus size woman. Unfortunately, I do not get very many requests. No matter what size I have been over the years I have always loved myself and how I look. As women, we are always so critical of our appearance and I feel maybe this causes some hesitation. I fully understand the difficulty in feeling “exposed” and possibly “insecure” but there is nothing more liberating than owning and accepting yourself as you are. All of you, every little bit of you. And seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes is an absolute treat! Trust me.

Q. “Do you publicly share all images you take?” A. No way Jose! I have a release form and any/all images that my clients do not want shared will never see the light of day. Sometimes this breaks my heart a wee bit if I LOVE a session because I would absolutely LOVE to show you off!

Q. “Just for Her… So, no men?” Contrary to the name, I do take Dudeoir photos! This is by request only and generally I have a chaperon near by for safety reasons. But ladies (or gents) … If you want to make this happen and book your man a session for your own gain, I am 100% for it!

Q. “Did you go to school for Photography?” A. I am completely self taught. I took a brief night course at a local collage but unfortunately dropped out due to my non-mathematical mind. I am a creative and a classroom just wasn’t the right fit for me. I taught myself how to use Photoshop through hours (SO MANY HOURS) of You-tube videos and trail/error. In my opinion Photography is so personal and generally whichever photographer you choose to work with has more to do with their style of work than the credentials behind them.

If you have been wanting to book a session but something is holding you back, I am always available to chat! Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss session options or simply to voice your concerns. Thank you!