Boudoir is not just a one-time experience.

Boudoir is something that can be embraced for so many reasons, countless occasions, each time becoming more aware of your body, your movement, your comfort. Some of the best gifts I have received is comparing images from my first session with a new client to the 3rd or 4th. The confidence is obvious. The growth and positivity that reflects through is without a doubt. Some of my clients have used our sessions for motivational reasons, tackling physical goals and seeing the progress in each new session photos.

Some women have used the sessions to finally find themselves, see themselves for everything that they are. Every little imperfection we pick apart and at times, obsess over, we start to accept. During my own most recent Boudoir session, I looked at the photos and said “Wow, my legs look so toned.” This came to a huge surprise to me as I convinced myself that I didn’t like my legs at all.

I always look at the Boudoir experience as peeling away a layer… and no I do not mean clothing, I mean peeling away some barrier or wall we have unknowingly built up around us that we hide behind. Break free, peel that layer, own your body, own your truth, accept your flaws, and know wholeheartedly you are 100% worth it.

Alicia – Just For Her Boudoir – Victoria BC