It’s time to normalize Boudoir. There is no room for stigmas here.

I feel the reasons why you should do a Boudoir session, are honestly endless. The reasons why you shouldn’t, now that’s a bit more personal. I think some reasons why someone would decide to opt out on a Boudoir session could be, you just aren’t feeling confident, physically. Perhaps cultural and or religious reasons. But I think the biggest reason is simply fear of judgement.

Let’s break a couple of those points down a little bit. Confidence = Boudoir. Lack of confidence, now that also = Boudoir. No matter which way you are feeling, physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally, I can guarantee you – you will feel better about yourself after a Boudoir session. As for judgement… I think it’s important to understand how many women do Boudoir sessions. This is no longer a “Once in a lifetime” thing. I have clients I see yearly to every couple of months. Although some women might not speak openly about Boudoir, thousands are jumping on the self-love train. The more women who can confidently (and proudly) stand together and support each other, the sooner stigmas disappear. This is a safe space, this is a normal thing, this is empowerment at its finest.

Surround yourself with people who love and support you, and those who allow you to be YOURSELF.

Own your sensuality and sexuality and never feel the need to explain yourself to anyone. Love yourself, and if you currently don’t, take the steps to start.

Never let anyone think any less of you or make assumptions based off you doing things that make you FEEL GOOD.

Women have been judged for countless reasons and honestly, if we want to embrace our bodies and stand proudly in front of a camera half naked, you bet we will do just that.

Alicia – Just For Her Boudoir