Q & A


I have had a few followers on Social Media reach out to me with some questions so I thought I would share them with you all.

Q. “How did I get into Boudoir?” A. Boudoir started out with a couple requests for maternity sessions and nude sessions. Both were completely out of my comfort zone regarding preparation and honestly, composition. But after I began building a more traditional Boudoir portfolio, I found my style and dove right in. Most people may not know this but I initially started out (and still do) creating family friendly portraiture and fantasy/fashion/beauty work. That began in 2014 and you can still follow my pages today! @coastal_creations_photography on IG or Coastal Creations Photography on Facebook.

Q. “Why do you not photograph plus size women?” A. I most definitely do photograph plus size women and I myself am a plus size woman. Unfortunately, I do not get very many requests. No matter what size I have been over the years I have always loved myself and how I look. As women, we are always so critical of our appearance and I feel maybe this causes some hesitation. I fully understand the difficulty in feeling “exposed” and possibly “insecure” but there is nothing more liberating than owning and accepting yourself as you are. All of you, every little bit of you. And seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes is an absolute treat! Trust me.

Q. “Do you publicly share all images you take?” A. No way Jose! I have a release form and any/all images that my clients do not want shared will never see the light of day. Sometimes this breaks my heart a wee bit if I LOVE a session because I would absolutely LOVE to show you off!

Q. “Did you go to school for Photography?” A. I am completely self taught. I took a brief night course at a local collage but unfortunately dropped out due to my non-mathematical mind. I am a creative and a classroom just wasn’t the right fit for me. I taught myself how to use Photoshop through hours (SO MANY HOURS) of You-tube videos and trail/error. In my opinion Photography is so personal and generally whichever photographer you choose to work with has more to do with their style of work than the credentials behind them.

If you have been wanting to book a session but something is holding you back, I am always available to chat! Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss session options or simply to voice your concerns. Thank you!