Boudoir is whatever you want it to be.

A lot of girls ask me if it has to be “sexy” or “sexualized” and the simple answer is absolutely not. I have had the pleasure of working with models, dancers, teachers, mothers, students and women from all different types of work and backgrounds. And every session turns out completely different. Some women come in to the studio and know exactly what they want. Some women come in and request direction and opinions. Boudoir truly is a personal experience. My style of Boudoir is creating images that you can be proud of. Images that make you say “Wow… I didn’t realize I looked that great!”.

It has been a privilege to show dozens of women how beautiful they are through someone else’s eyes. I believe Boudoir should represent everything that is you! What exactly does that look like?

Book a session with us and let’s find out together.